Doesn't everyone...

Every blog needs a mission statement.

Published on Monday, 14 February 2011

Doesn't everyone have some sort of retarded "mission statement" for thier blog as the first post? Well, I've thwarted you all, I've bucked the trend, I've made an end-run and done this at some point afterwards (depending on what I decide to fill out under the "publish later" boxes).

I've long thought I should have somewhere that I write stuff down, and I've composed entries in my head many-a-time, but I had nowhere to put them. I've maintained this domain name and associated hosting space for some time, but now I've decided to take advantage of it and put some things down in writing. I can't promise it'll last (let's be honest, it probably won't...), but for now, whenever I need to get something out there for permanant, this'll be where it ends up.

Oh, and nyah nyah, my domain name is shorter than yours :)