The Dragon Reborn

Book three. Progress continues.

The Great Hunt

Two of fourteen. We're getting there, slowly.

The very definition of irony

It turns out they call them "local channels" for a really good reason...

The Eye of the World

Book number one of fourteen. Whew!

The Wheel of Time

Complete and unabridged, this time.

Unbroken (the review)

Excellent. A well-researched and well-written account of one of the most interesting stories to come from World War II.

Blink (but do not miss this book)

Quite interesting.


Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

A good read for fans of modern fairy tales.

C++ Modules

So, as a followup to the C++ post, here's another super-interesting piece of information.

Modern object-oriented programming languages

What the world needs is a modern, object-oriented, garbage-collected, type-safe programming language that performs well, and is usable anywhere.


Not a single entry for November.

The Ringworld Engineers

Back to the Ringworld, but this time, we get to learn about what makes it tick.

The deer hunt, 2012

I don't get what the big deal is about the deer hunt.

One of Heinlein's better works

Excellent science fiction. If you're interested in Heinlein's work, this is one that you should not miss.

Stranger in a strange land, indeed.

Interesting premise, and good storytelling, but...


So, to save a couple bucks, I decided to use Wal-Mart's Site-To-Store shipping option. Bad idea.

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

A fun ride, with characters from earlier Heinlein books.

Gadgeteer socket library

I altered the gadgeteer socket package and gave it longer lines, and here it is.

Hobbyist LCD screens

Why are all the hobbyist LCD screens so expensive?

The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand

My review of the Fountainhead, once again provided by GoodReads

Here's a Kickstarter project I'd like to see

There's project after project after project on Kickstarter aiming to be the next Arduino.

Better late than never

Probably a bit late to announce the store, but better late than never, right?

The end has come

I guess it's about time (a week late, in fact) to post this.

Update on the OneWire board

Now with more Gadgeteer in every box!

Hedging your bets on home design

I came across this house the other day, and I thought to myself, hey, nice exterior design.

Review of The Screwtape Letters

Required reading for everyone. C.S. Lewis is a master, without a doubt.

The Odyssey, better than the Iliad

Much better than the Iliad, but still with a tendency to wander.

The worst demolition derby ever

This year, as part of the Western Stampede in West Jordan, we attended the demolition derby.

Finished Homer's Iliad

This book is a giant list of people, and for some of them, a detailed description of how they died.

You may have noticed

We've been working over the last couple of days to put together some information that you should know.

First trip out with the new toy

We needed a "trial run" for the new trailer before we spent a week sleeping in it, so we reserved a couple nights at Palisade State Park and took it down.

It was a good run.

5/30/2012, a day that will live in infamy.

Slide lock bars, what?

Definitely check whether your slide lock bars are installed.

This is news? Really, NPR?

I was in my car yesterday when this story about an ape playing with an iPad came on the radio.

Just finished reading The Alloy of Law

Excellent followup to the Mistborn trilogy.

It takes a surprising amount of water...

I came home the other day to a bunch of smoke coming from between my and my neighbor's houses.

New toy!

We had planned all along to buy a camp trailer, and after a couple months of hard looking, we got it done.

Ringworld review

Interesting, classic science fiction.

1300 views? Really, people?

A year or so ago I posted a couple of youtube videos.

The Arduino Uno schematic, critiqued

Olin Lathrop critiques the Arduino Uno schematic.

Christmas culture season 2011, part 2

The TSO concert was on Dec 28th, and the VGL concert was on the 20th.

Christmas culture season 2011

I managed to take in not one, but two live musical performances this season.


Master of Orion 2 ship images by color

All the Master of Orion 2 ship images, arranged by ship color and class.

On mobile phone operating systems

It finally came time to retire the Touch Pro 2.

First board returned from DorkbotPDX

It's a one-wire interface board for connecting sensors using RJ9 jacks.

Fluent programming interfaces

I've got a strong opinion on fluent APIs (yeah, nothing else, though).

Idea for an interesting new project

The cat would love it.

Upside-down USB ports

Yeah, maybe it's juvenile and petty, but upside-down USB ports really bother me.

Yet another zombie game

Yeah. We need another zombie game, seriously.

Dune and its children

Dune is a fantasic book. It's clever, interesting, and entertaining.

New phone, WP7 or Android?

I've been using WM5/WM6 phones for a LONG time.

Solder joint anxiety

I have a condition known as "solder joint anxiety."

Construction has begun!

Finally, after many many hours of theorizing, prototyping, and breadboarding, construction has finally begun.

That super-cheap logic analyser you're looking for?

I'm always having to re-find this super-cheap little logic analyzer.

Finally ordered the parts for my sprinkler timer

This is going to be my first real (as in, durable and persistant) electronics project.

The "right" way to hash a password for storing in the database

So, you're storing a password in that database, huh?

My contribution to the ClientBase and IDisposable discussion

It's well known that there can be some unexpected behavior when one uses ClientBase<T> as IDisposable.

Vintage riding lawnmowers

When I purchased the house I'm currently living it, it came with a bonus.

On the rapture

So yeah, the rapture didn't happen. Bummer.

You know your hardware is outdated when...

You can buy equivalent machines at the local university surplus for $60.

Shopping for electronics

The internets provide a million places to purchase electronic components for the part-time hobbyist like myself, but lots of them seem to cater to the wealthy full-time hobbyist. I'm keeping a list here for my own reference.

Servo limit testing

So, I bought a servo to play around with.

MDLS-20464 LCD module

I purchased a 4x20 character LCD module from RA-Elco today.

Surplus Stepper Motors

I've been looking for cheap stepper motors for a couple weeks now.


I remember the first time I saw "fabrication" done.

Interesting ICs that one should know about

A short list of ICs I put together that looked interesting

Pullup and Pulldown resistors

Stuff I either didn't learn or don't remember from my highscool electronics course.


There is apparently a large debate of philosophies raging; none of it makes much sense to me.

Stupid security policies

In which I am asked by my employer to incriminate myself in future crimes in the office

Flight times

Why is it that a flight from L.A. to Orlando takes the same amount of time that a flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake City?

Doesn't everyone...

Every blog needs a mission statement.

Just wanted to save this for posterity

Why your suggested approach to fighting spam will not work.


Our first shot at pickled egg recipes