New phone, WP7 or Android?

I've been using WM5/WM6 phones for a LONG time.

Published on Thursday, 25 August 2011

I've been using WM5/WM6 phones for a LONG time (since way back when I got the hand-me-down HTC Apache), and that ship went down shortly after I acquired my most recent phone, the Touch Pro 2. It's coming up on time to renew my handset hardware, so now I have this dilemma:

WP7 or Android?

Since I'm basically immune to "apps" (a designation I loathe) the quantity of pointless trash in "app stores" is irrelevant to me. Things I want are:

  • A phone that works well as a PHONE
  • A responsive screen
  • A snappy user interface
  • Tethering
  • Freecell

As I currently understand it, I'm unlikely to get tethering in either case (though probably more unlikely in the WP7 case), so that's moot. Maybe Mango? Since my employer covers the plan (unlimited everything, plus unlimited everything), cost isn't a barrier, just software.

The only other tiny little draw is that I'd like to be able to produce software for my handset, without having to pay for a developer account (WP7). WP7Chevron, will you work with Mango?