Better late than never

Probably a bit late to announce the store, but better late than never, right?

Published on Friday, 07 September 2012

Announcing the store!

I've got a couple modules produced that I now need to sell off before the wife makes me throw them out, and I thought I'd put a couple other convenient items there that people might need. There are currently only the two modules, but look for a couple other little things in the coming days.

After a bunch of looking around, I finally chose as the shopping cart provider. It costs me nothing for a basic cart, and I never have to deal with requiring customers to log in, or holding credit card info, or anything else. All payment information goes through PayPal (or others if I set them up), and all I do is host the single page with the cart. Neat!

(2021 note: there is, of course, no more 3ln store, and hasn't been for many years.)